Tolga Balci // FOLIO


performed & recorded by Tolga Balci.
Locations: Fredriksstad Mek. Verksted, Kråkerøy Tunnel, Isegran Fort and various locations in Oslo.

Fredriksstad Mekanisk Verksted is one of the location that is going to be demolished next few years. The shipyard in Værste is a place for historically important Industrial buildings of Fredrikstad as well as great examples of Norwegian Industry before the oil times. I choose specifically two buildings that has an enormous reverberation. Today those places used for storing metal pieces for digging, retro cars, private caravans and boats. I used the material from the room, wires, cords of boats, metal pieces and wall attachments with drumstick & bow...

The piece is played 4 channel during NTA MA2 show opening at Black Box NTA HIOF.


An event for 6 different post-apocalyptic short films. 4-Channel sound installation, mood board/desk exhibition & foraged cocktail at Black Box Fredrikstad.


Multi-channel sound piece at Borealis Experimental Music Festival.
How do we listen, and how do you compose when the audience is surrounded by sound? Each year Borealis collaborates with the MULTI concert series to commission new works for multi-channel speaker setup, giving new musicians, composers and sound artists the opportunity to express themselves using spatial sound.

For our 2017 edition, Tolga Balci, who has previously been behind the scenes at many Lydgalleriet and MULTI events but now lives in Turkey, will present a work for the first time on the surround system. Jacqueline George was part of the acclaimed Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session at Borealis in 2016, and having taken part in a surround sound workshop at BEK, we now invite her back to present a new piece in the format. Craig Wells, from the UK – but now a Bergen resident – combines live electronics and surround sound in a new work, and Yvette Janine Jackson, from the USA, presents a surround radio opera.

Borealis Festival

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Teaser for my shortfilm ''Nomemorandum''.

Final version coming soon. kucuk.jpg


Mural piece for Island Festival Buyukada-Istanbul.



That which one calls an instinct, and that which one calls an institution, essentially designate processes of satisfaction.

An animation project based on collaborative dance, music and ideas.

Konsept, animation: Tolga Balci
Dansers :Mira Kautto | Shlomi Ruimi | Tove Standal | Mathias Stoltenberg
Music: Impro Storband

live-action animation-sound work shown in in the program of Try in House III
Norwegian National Dance Company Carte Blance

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video work for KARAKAMU



Music video of my band: Karakamu.


extract still image from animation work to Stephan Meidell`s Japan Tour summer 2014

for info and video:

Stephan Meidell



Potestas,~ Latin power, ability opportunity authority Found grave stone tesselation at cobblestone pavements in Üsküdar/ Istanbul.

Conatus,~ Latin effort, endeavor; impulse, undertaking tendency, inclination, striving. (Re-tessellation of cobblestone after using them for baricades or deffence at Gezi resistance Istanbul June 2013.


interactive sound installation with text video
Lydgalleriet 10-23rd May 2014 Bergen/Norway

``Seemingly by default, we are programmed to enjoy harmony and there is no such thing as unique individual taste or free will. We can also appreciate disharmony, beautiful departures and beautiful destruction, if we perceive how the two ends of the harmonic specter are connected. Some do desire to make a religion under exposure of this fact…``

Samples of inclinations as an ongoing project but for particularly for this exhibition samples of an inclination, includes four pieces of sculpture by Tolga Balci.The combination have clues from architectural and musical interval elements to kindness of a social expression.

The experiment was to combine the mukarnas(1) with the makam(2) to build a muqarnas associated with each makam scale. This is the first attempt towards this ambitious goal. Meanwhile as part of a revolutionary movement under a de facto war by a government upon its citizens, we encountered the question first hand: had art become a relevant instrument for the common social experience or was art itself suspended – superfluous, only for leisurely times?

1 - Makam – microtonal modal scale with rules.
Makam is a type of classical microtonal music. To play turkish classical music one needs to divide equal temperament into 159 small pieces of interval and pick 79 of them, a scale of notes required to execute improvisation or composition.

2 - Mukarnas – the architectural element.
Element with West Asian origin which is used to connect for example pillars and corners as well as various forms of collumn heads. As we know, in th Islamic golden age, figurativity was forbidden and therefore they developed a high mathematical language of topological qualitities of architecture. By way of pattern design (2D) and mukarnas (3D). High knowledge of harmony is required to develop this complex type of design. The 2d pattern must be uncoded to become the intended 3d form.


sculpture instrument with “Huseyni makam” tune. s o i tolga.jpg


interactive sound installation
"Kara Kamu"~Turkish. A poetic word found by poet Ece Ayhan. Literally means dark public.



animation work for Stephan Meidell`s solo album: “Cascades”

for more details of his album:

Hubro Music



7 piece of visual composition for Deserts.
Played by Bit20 Ensemble in Bergen / Norway.

So far we know that Varèse`s Déserts was born as a audio-visual project as it frequently mentioned from different sources.Some try outs of era directors such as Burgess Meredith did not suit with Varèse`s vision. So Varèse`s execution of project was without any visual participant. More currently we should also consider Bill Viola`s great work on Déserts. Here I will try a possibly applicable form of visual participation. Varèse`s notes and harmonic features do not have a conventional use and function as other composers in his zeitgeist. He demonstrated the sound within instruments potential timbre and composed timbres while projecting the sound -in correlation of pitches and overtones- to spatial dimension. He mentions, “my music is based on the motion of unrelated sound masses” made me aim to use visual material which is more clusters and swarms also relatively converging volumes of movements. There, the animation becoming sculptural forms of different textures of remote spaces. Also I used some of materials from Cold Coast Archive of Svalbard. The conceptual side of Déserts such as solitude in outer space, deserted abandoned zones and all connotations of vastness of desert somehow drags us to inner space of the mind: absolute loneliness where only creativity can remain. As nomadic tribes prefer to spread through plateaus and deserts of planetary landscape, they also preserve unique forms of life strategies that subtracts anything that may obstacles them on the way. Varèse himself was in his desert island, no remain of his early work because of his destruction. And yet what remains is a dozen of work that all stands unique and innovator.



video animation with multichannel soundtrack

shown at "A ride Full of Traps" at Bergen Kunsthall

Mari Kvien Brunnvoll: vocal and electronics
Bjørnar Habbestad: flute
John Hegre: prepared guitar
Arne Nordhammer: clarinet and electronics

"Monde fou" is a name of  16th century world map dressed court jester -fool`s cap- which hides several different historical motto quotes inside. When truth had to be uttered by court jester then we automatically understand the restrained situation. And this particular map is directly resonating its dissonant skepticism. As artists possible situation on our time, voluntarily in the game of realm but as an outsider and maybe even in a fool`s cap.

video link:

Monde Fou



live action animation
shown at M.O.H. 17 group exhibition at Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen/Norway may 2011 and also Vestlandutstillingen 2012

An allegory for whom in between buried guns and excavated bones. Silent movie about a political situations and their looping processes. with guns_v2.jpg

from "GIANT HAND" series

sculpture with various objects

Polydactyly hand with various objects reference itself to an incident that happened in Dardanel Martrydom Turkey. Mass production of militaristic memorials was common republican period before islamist AKP government. Where you could find false anatomy and banal expressions. mori (2)_v2.jpg

”MEMENTO MORI” (detail) mori_v2.jpg

”MEMENTO MORI” (detail) mori_v3.jpg




copper, photo elements and moss

In Stephen J. Walton`s collection


polyester casted sculpture


metal sculpture


short film 2008;
director, script, animation, music
Tolga Balci
Derya Dastan
Inspired from a poem called “Unknown Monument for a Student” by poet Ece Ayhan


stop-motion animation


public sculpture
metal and stone

Calligraphic help from Mehmet Kehri supported and realised by Çekül and Kayseri Ag?rnas Municipal

signature stands at both town of Architect Sinan in Agirnas/Kayseri- Turkey 2006


painted plaster seed-_v3.jpg


metal and silicon